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Burial Arrangements Checklist

Did you know there are 136 questions to answer when someone dies? Are you prepared? Give your family peace of mind by answering most of these questions prior to death.

Where Do I Begin?

Pre-Planning Questionaire Checklist
  • Talk with your family.
  • Gather information.
  • Write down your wishes.
  • Call funeral home or Catholic Cemeteries to discuss your pre-arranged funeral options.
  • Call Catholic Cemeteries to pre-select and pre-purchase your cemetery property.
Questions to Answer at the Funeral Home
  • Vital statistics
  • Legal information for death certificate, including, driver’s license, social security, military discharge
  • Select funeral services: cremation, embalming, etc.
  • Select casket or urn
  • Indicate clothing preferences, if applicable
  • Select flowers
  • Obituary
Questions to Answer at the Church
  • Select the church
  • Select the services: Vigil, Mass, Committal and Memorial services
  • Select reading and music preferences
Questions to Answer at the Cemetery
  • Select type of disposition: Burial or Cremation
  • Select property type: in-ground or above ground (crypt or niche)
  • Pay for property and fees. When pre-purchasing you are eligible for payment plans.
Questions to Answer in Regards to Your Will and Estate
  • Financial information: life insurance, bank accounts, retirement, etc.
  • Who are your beneficiaries?
  • Contacting banks, subscription services, post office, credit cards, etc.
  • Contact attorney or estate executor to administer will or trust
  • Inventory personal belongings and settle estate

If you have further questions, please contact us at 833-304-0763.

Pre-Plan with Catholic Cemeteries and Get Back to What Matters Most in Life