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Why You Should Pre-Plan for a Catholic Funeral?

 Pre-Plan a Funeral with Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese

Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of San Jose provide Catholic Californians with accommodations to commemorate the life of loved ones with faith, hope, and love. We encourage you to pre-plan your funeral to get back to what matters most in life. Pre-planning can serve as an act of generosity to your loved ones. The reassurance of a pre-planned funeral allows family and friends to grieve without facing difficult decisions. Grant your loved ones the peace of mind that comes with having the details already decided. Pre-planning allows your wishes to be expressly considered so your life is honored in the way you see fit. Let Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of San Jose assist you with this cherished Catholic tradition.

Pre-Plan with Catholic Cemeteries and Get Back to What Matters Most in Life

Explore Our Funeral Pre-Planning Options

We provide two options for church-approved services. It is important to explore what to expect from both options before deciding how you will reside on Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese’s holy ground. We offer traditional Catholic funerals as well as cremation. Appropriate services and liturgies are provided for whichever option you prefer. If you select cremation, you must choose whether you would like the cremation process to take place before or after the Funeral Liturgy. We do stress that the church prefers the Funeral Liturgy take place before the cremation of the body. As the church has become more flexible and created modified services, pre-planning ensures your choice in how the services proceed is honored.

Refer to Our Pre-Planning Checklist

Give your family peace of mind and pre-plan with our burial arrangements checklist. There are 136 questions to ask when someone dies. You can alleviate the majority of stress on your family by answering most of these questions prior to your departure. It is important to talk with your family throughout your pre-planning process. Selecting your cemetery is especially important if you do not have a defined family plot or crypt. You should write down your wishes and contact us to discuss your options and to purchase your cemetery property. Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of San Jose offer internment in mausoleums, crypts, tombs, and gravesites at our three cemetery locations. You will be able to address arrangements for the service itself, including selecting a casket or urn, flowers, and clothing preferences. You may also want to include requests for your obituary, readings, and music.

Know the Logistics of Pre-Planning your Catholic Funeral

You will need to answer questions regarding your will and estate. Taking care of the financial logistics can relieve some of the pressure your loved one’s will face when contacting banks, attorneys, and estate executors. Pre-planning ensures you have your beneficiaries, will, inventory of personal belongings, and estate sorted and allocated prior to death. Pre-planning can also alleviate the financial burden your loved one’s shoulder when organizing your funeral services.

Contact Us Today to Begin Pre-Planning Your Funeral

Contact us online or call one of our three locations in the San Jose area, Calvary Catholic Cemetery, Gate of Heaven Cemetery, and St. John the Baptist Cemetery, to start pre-planning your funeral today.