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Burial Options Available at Catholic Cemeteries in San Jose

The treatment of the body after death is an important part of Catholic custom. Awaiting the resurrection of the dead means proper treatment is crucial. This informs which burial practices are acceptable at Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of San Jose.


We Offer Two Options

The church approves each of these options and has a clearly defined approach for each. We are capable of accommodating and guiding you and your loved ones through either option depending on the desires of the deceased. Both options do provide all appropriate services and liturgies.

One thing we do need to stress is that church practice does prefer that the complete Funeral Liturgy take place before the actual cremation of the body. However, this is not necessarily required as practice has become more flexible over time and the church has created modified services.

We can perform services appropriate to either method with minimal issues. The key is simply ensuring that things are done according to the wishes of the deceased. Furthermore, it is worth stressing that cremated remains are expected to be treated with the same dignity as a body after death.

What to Expect from Cremation

Depending on your wishes or the wishes of the deceased, the body will be cremated before or after the Funeral Liturgy. An adapted form of the liturgy is available in circumstances where the body is not able to be viewed or was otherwise cremated early.

The service performed near the deceased’s eternal resting place will observe all require church practices and then be appropriately interred. This includes both placement within a tomb, placement of the urn in a specialized headstone, and traditional internment within the ground itself.

Regardless of the option chosen, your loved one will be properly prepared for the resurrection and in a place where you and other loved ones can visit them in times of reflection. Traditional burial, however, is the favored option for many Catholic families.

What to Expect from a Catholic Burial

As the traditional option, burial involves what most normally expect in a funeral. The Vigil and Funeral Mass or Liturgy will be performed in an associated church or cathedral while The Rite of Committal will be performed at the grave or crypt.

Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of San Jose offer interment in mausoleums, crypts, tombs, and gravesites. Each option ensures that the family and loved ones will have an appropriate place to say their farewells and any final prayers before internment.

We strongly recommend discussing hymns and prayer selections with an associated house of worship to ensure that a service is properly matched to the deceased. This will allow their burial to be an appropriate tribute to their life and love through the eyes of the family.

Regardless of your chosen burial, we will be happy to accommodate.

Contact us at 833-304-0763 to make appropriate arrangements for burial.

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