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What Kind of Funeral Can I Pre-Plan If I Choose Cremation?

Today, many people are choosing to pre-plan their funeral arrangements so they can remove this burden from their families after they’re gone. Also, this process helps ensure that their wishes are followed after their passing. If you are planning a prearranged funeral in San Jose and are interested in cremation, then there are a few things to know about your options for funeral arrangements.

The Church encourages that the act of cremation be performed after the Funeral Liturgy. As for what Catholic rites are available for those who choose cremation, the Order of Christian Funerals describes what rites and prayers are to be performed to celebrate death and consists of the Vigil and related Rites and Prayers, the Funeral Liturgy, and the Rite of Committal. These rites assume the presence of the body. However, if the body cannot be present at the funeral, then adaptations can be made. Lastly, if you are pre-planning your burial arrangement, then note that cremated remains should either be buried or entombed.

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