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What Financial Decisions Do You Need to Make When Pre-Planning Your Funeral?

A prearranged funeral relieves your loved ones of the burden of making stressful decisions during a sorrowful time. Assuming that you pre-pay for your prearrangement burial in the Bay Area, pre-planning is also a way to keep on supporting your family after your passing. The financial decisions you’ll make during this process are closely tied to your general preferences for the way in which you’d like to be remembered.

Selecting the Casket or Urn

Since 1963, faithful Catholics have been able to choose cremation without violating the guidance of the Church. Although the Church does encourage Catholics to choose burial, you should feel free to choose cremation if your decision isn’t made for reasons that would be contrary to the faith. When you’ve made your choice, you will need to set a budget for a casket or an urn. According to the Federal Trade Commission, a typical casket costs a little more than $2,000, although some of them can cost much more. The average urn costs about $100 to $200. If you choose to pay in advance for your casket or urn, your purchase will be protected from inflation.

Choosing the Burial Plot or Interment Niche

If you’re purchasing a casket, then you will also need to purchase a burial plot. Consider whether you would like to purchase additional burial plots so that your loved ones may be buried next to you when the time comes. Even if you’ve chosen cremation, you will need to choose a space for your cremated remains. The Catholic Church forbids the faithful from keeping ashes at home, scattering them, or dividing them among family members. Instead, the cremated remains of Catholics must be interred in a sacred place. The Church strongly recommends burial, but will allow interment in a columbarium. Consider whether you would prefer to purchase burial space for your urn or a niche in a sacred place.

Deciding Upon Flower Arrangements

It isn’t necessary to determine every detail of your prearrangement funeral, but you may do so if you wish. You could set aside funds for your family to purchase certain floral arrangements, or even place a deposit with a funeral home or florist to create the arrangements you want.

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