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Discussing Your Pre-Need Arrangements with Your Family

Pre-planning funeral and burial arrangements is not a topic anyone looks forward to discussing, but talking to your family about could be one of the most important conversations you have with them. If you have pre-need burial arrangements in San Jose, here are some tips for discussing your plans with your family.

Start by choosing a time that isn’t rushed or stressful. Consider starting the conversation by assuring your family that there is no imminent need for burial arrangements and that you are simply planning for the future. Walk them through each step of your plan and your reasoning for your decisions. Be prepared to explain things that may surprise them—for instance, if you choose cremation over burial, your family may want to understand why. Be sure to also explain the practical side of your plan, including where they can find the paperwork when the time comes, whom they should talk to, and the financial arrangements you have made. This information will be crucial to them after you pass and will make a difficult time less stressful.

If you need assistance on how to talk to your loved ones about your wishes and your final arrangements, contact your local Catholic Church or Catholic Cemeteries for tools, conversations starters and other tips.

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