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Grieving at Easter

Grief is difficult, but during a holiday season, it’s often even harder. When celebrations are going on around us, we sometimes feel pressured to put on a happy face. Easter can be especially difficult because it’s a holiday that celebrates renewal, but when we’re grieving, it can seem that renewal is out of reach. In reality, though, Easter can be a healing time, especially for Catholics.

The meaning of Easter has to do with the reversal of death’s hold on us. The season of Lent gives us time for reflection on our lives and can be a period of contemplation of death and sin. Using this time for reflection on our faith can help us to find meaning even in our grief, as we think on God’s mercy.

The Easter message is one of resurrection hope. In Christ’s resurrection, we gain the hope of eternal life. For as Jesus said in John 11: 25-26, “I am the resurrection and the life; he who believes in me will live even if he dies.” As the earth bursts into flower, even so at Easter, we can feel confident in our renewal through God’s goodness and love. Even as we’re grieving, we can take comfort in that hope.

Easter is a season that can accommodate honest grief while offering hope that death isn’t final and can’t rob us of the love we have for the people we’ve lost. As Catholics, we can make the most of the season of Lent and the grand finale of Easter, using this time to help come to terms with grief and find a way through it.

This is also a time when family comes together. It’s easy to become isolated in our grief, but a healthier course of action is to embrace these gatherings, allowing the love of friends and family to help us heal. Take time to appreciate this time together, perhaps spending some time outdoors, drinking in the beauty of the spring.

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