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The Importance of Burial in a Catholic Cemetery

When you are making decisions about burial services for yourself as you pre-plan your funeral or for loved ones when you are making funeral arrangements after they pass on, choosing a Catholic cemetery is of tremendous importance to members of the Church. For members of the Diocese of San Jose, our Catholic cemeteries offer burial and cremation options that are in line with Church doctrine.

Catholic cemeteries allow people who were members of a parish to rest together as they await the resurrection. Within a Catholic cemetery, parish members can be assured that their loved ones—and ultimately, themselves—are in a resting place that honors their beliefs and the values they held in life. Choosing a Catholic cemetery as a final resting place helps to bring the Church family together. For Catholics who are not active in parish life or who married non-Catholics, burial in a Catholic cemetery alongside non-Catholic family members may still be possible, depending on the guidance of the local diocese.

Please review our Christian Burial Policies.

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