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What Kind of Clothing Is Appropriate to Wear to a Catholic Funeral?

Tradition can offer comfort in times of sorrow. When attending a Catholic funeral held in San Jose, wearing appropriate clothing is a way to demonstrate respect for the faith, the family, and the decedent. Men can wear a business suit in a muted color. A simple white dress shirt will do. Neckties should be in similarly muted colors and simple patterns. However, if the funeral service is held for a U.S. veteran, it’s appropriate to wear a tie with the colors of the flag.

Ladies who are attending a Catholic burial can’t go wrong with black clothing, although other somber colors can be appropriate, including brown and dark blue. It’s acceptable for ladies to wear a dress, pantsuit, skirt suit, or trouser and blouse outfit. All clothing should be conservative in style, and should not expose too much skin. Use a minimalist approach to jewelry and makeup. It’s always a smart idea to exercise restraint with perfume, if it’s used at all, as heavy scents will easily travel at a well-attended funeral service.

Some cultures, it is acceptable to wear white instead of black. On occasion, the family will request attendees to wear a certain color or color scheme. When in doubt, check with the family or the funeral home.

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