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Funeral Pre-Planning Tips for Spouses

Pre-planning your own funeral service can be beneficial to your loved ones in numerous ways. It can remove the burden of thinking about practical matters while they are mourning your loss, and it can also ensure that your funeral unfolds according to your own specifications. If you are planning a Catholic funeral for yourself in San Jose, you should be sure to enlist your spouse’s assistance. As likely as not, it is your spouse who will be called upon to speak for you if any further decisions need to be made after you have passed away. Here are some tips for bringing your spouse into your funeral pre-planning.

Pick an appropriate time and setting. It’s likely that your spouse will find it unnerving to discuss an event that will take place following your death. Rather than trying to force a conversation that may turn uncomfortable, you might try telling your spouse that the subject has been on your mind and that you would like to discuss it soon. You and your spouse can find a convenient time that works well for both of you to discuss this important but sensitive subject.

Explain the reasons behind pre-planning. At first, it may be difficult for your spouse to understand why you are interested in pre-planning your funeral. When you are discussing the issue, emphasize the value of funeral pre-planning to the family as well as to yourself. If you make all your funeral arrangements well in advance, you will avoid the risk of allowing the financial responsibility for your funeral service to fall upon your loved ones.

Talk to a funeral home. When you’re pre-planning your funeral with your spouse’s help, it can be very helpful to talk to the staff at a funeral home. There are numerous issues you will need to consider while planning a funeral service, and it’s easy for some of them to slip your mind. Talking to people who have experience will help to ensure that you do not overlook anything important during the planning process.

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