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Reasons for Making Memorial Donations

After a death in San Jose, the funeral arrangements customarily include funeral wreaths, standing sprays, and casket sprays. Sending flowers to the funeral service is a lovely way of telling the family that your thoughts and prayers are with them. Some confusion may arise if the family has requested charitable donations in lieu of flowers. It’s acceptable to make a memorial donation and still send a floral arrangement, but flowers aren’t necessary. The concept of making a charitable contribution recognizes that, although flowers will wilt, a donation can have a lasting benefit for those in need.

If the decedent passed away because of a terminal illness, the family may specify that memorial donations can be made to a specific charity that supports research for a cure or provides assistance for other families struggling with the disease. Another common reason to make a memorial donation is to support a charity that the decedent was passionate about. If the decedent was a veteran, a donation may be made to a charity that provides assistance for wounded servicemembers.


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