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Advice for Arranging Your Legacy

Today, many people are taking advantage of pre-arranged burial planning to enjoy better peace of mind and remove this burden from their family when the time comes. If you’re in the process of pre-need burial planning near Los Altos, then you can benefit from arranging planned gifts at this time. Continue reading for advice on planning your legacy.

Combine with Other Plans

Planning your legacy involves making arrangements for planned gifts, and a planned gift is one that is arranged in advance. These gifts come in several forms and can be gift annuities, part of your will, or trust investments. Planned gifts should be thought of as more than donations because they will constitute part of your legacy and shape how your family and community remember you after your passing. For this reason, many people make planned gift arrangements when making pre-arranged burial or during the pre-need funeral planning process.

Consider the Tax Benefits

One thing to consider when it comes to arranging your legacy is the potential for financial benefits that doing so can offer. For example, setting up a charitable gift annuity can provide you with lifetime annual payments and charitable tax deductions. This type of arrangement offers you guaranteed payments, and any balance that remains after your passing will be incorporated into your legacy and gifted to the organization of your choosing.

Support Your Community

Planned gifts allow you to support your loved ones and community after your passing, so consider making a Catholic ministry or your parish a beneficiary in your life insurance policy, estate, or charitable gift annuity. Do not be concerned with making planned gifts in large sums because even a small amount can be helpful for the beneficiary.

Work with a Professional

Finally, your legacy should be timeless, and arranging it can be a complicated process that benefits from the knowledge of someone who is experienced in this area. For this reason, it’s recommended that you look for professional advice when arranging planned gifts for your legacy.

Pre-planning funeral and burial

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