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What Music Is Appropriate for a Catholic Funeral Service?

The music that is played during a funeral service can help to bring peace to those mourning the loss of their loved one. This music can also celebrate the life and faith of the deceased. For Catholic funerals, songs that are sacred to the Catholic Church should be selected. If you are planning a Catholic funeral in San Jose, you may find the following information helpful for choosing appropriate music.

At least three songs must be selected for a Catholic funeral service—an entrance processional song, a communion song, and a recessional song. Additional songs may also be included as part of the service. The most appropriate music to play during a Catholic funeral is hymnals, as these allow those attending the funeral to participate in the service. If you are pre-planning your own funeral service, you can take the time to select your favorite hymnals to be played during the funeral.

Funeral music

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