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A Brief Look at the Catholic Vigil Service

Before holding a burial service in San Jose for a Catholic decedent, it is customary to arrange a vigil. It is preferred that the vigil be held within a Catholic church, although it may be held at a funeral home or in the home of the decedent. If the vigil is held at the church, it must take place before the Catholic funeral. Usually, the vigil is held the day or evening prior to the Catholic funeral. The vigil service is a time for family and friends to gather together to pray for the soul of the decedent. Families often find that this pre-burial service offers comfort and hope.

It is customary for a priest to preside over the vigil service, guiding the mourners in prayer. The specifics of the vigil service can vary from parish to parish, but it generally includes the introductory rites, liturgy of the Word, and prayers of intercession, followed by a concluding rite.

Catholic funeral

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