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Diocese of San Jose
Catholic Cemeteries

Pre-Plan and Get Back to What Matters Most in Life

Let Us Handle Your Funeral Arrangements and Burial Needs

Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of San Jose offers a sacred place where you will be honored and remembered. Your final decisions through faith, hope, and love will allow your friends and family to gather to commemorate and fondly recall their special time with you. Our Catholic cemeteries in Los Altos, San Jose, and Milpitas, CA offer many burial options, including spaces for cremated remains, indoor and outdoor crypts, and in-ground burials for individuals, couples, families, and veterans. Our experienced staff is available to discuss your needs for funeral arrangements, whether you require our immediate services or you’re preparing for the future. Come visit one of our cemeteries or contact us today with any questions or concerns. Let us help you find your peaceful eternal resting place.

Our Tradition: Rooted in the Concepts of Faith, Hope, & Love

As an extension of the Bay Area’s Catholic parishes, Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of San Jose offers a sacred space and community. Our traditions are rooted closely in the concepts of faith, hope, and love. We assist believers of the Catholic faith who are seeking holy ground for their burial. Our mission is to help others as they embark on a journey toward healing and wholeness. A consultation with your priest or parish minister and our counselors can help you determine the ideal arrangements for you or a loved one’s Catholic funeral, including a vigil, liturgy, and rite of committal.

From Funeral Arrangements to Workshops, Services We Offer

Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of San Jose would be happy to assist you with the following:

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Pre-Plan your burial to reserve a peaceful, sacred space with reverent care.
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Learn about burial options available at Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of San Jose.
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Who can be buried in the Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of San Jose?
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Why Choose Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of San Jose?

Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of San Jose is committed to serving all families with compassion, dignity, and respect while being sensitive to cultural and family traditions. Our counselors are here to assist you in making decisions about burial and funeral services. Much of our work involves helping people with burial pre-planning. Pre-planning gives your loved one’s peace of mind and allows you to ensure your life is honored in the way you see fit. We provide a funeral planning checklist to cover all the logistics of your Catholic funeral and burial in one of our three locations: Calvary Cemetery in San Jose, Gate of Heaven Cemetery in Los Altos, and St. John the Baptist Cemetery in Milpitas.

Don’t Miss Our Prayers, Memorial Events, and Workshops

Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of San Jose offers several annual opportunities for the local Catholic community to come together for prayers and memorial events at our cemeteries. We also regularly schedule workshops on important end-of-life issues from a Catholic perspective, as well as seminars from an estate planning and probate lawyer. Be sure to check out our upcoming workshop schedule!


Contact Us

Are you looking for your eternal resting place? Tour our Catholic cemeteries in San Jose, Los Altos, and Milpitas, CA to see what we have to offer local Catholic believers. Whether your funeral planning or death has occurred unexpectedly, contact us for compassionate assistance. We’re always here to help!

Calvary Catholic Cemetery
San Jose, CA

2650 Madden Avenue
San Jose, CA 95116


Gate of Heaven Cemetery
Los Altos, CA

22555 Cristo Rey Drive
Los Altos, CA 94024


St. John the Baptist Cemetery
Milpitas, CA

651 Old Piedmont Road
Milpitas, CA 95035


Los Altos

22555 Cristo Rey Drive, Los Altos, CA 94024, USA


651 Old Piedmont Road, Milpitas, CA 95035, USA

San Jose

2650 Madden Avenue, San Jose, CA 95116, USA