What Documents Should You Locate After a Loved One's Death?

If you recently arranged a funeral service in San Jose following the death of a loved one, then you may be wondering what other steps you should be taking during this time. One important thing to do is to locate important documents. For example, after the death of a loved one, you should find his will. If the will names an executor, then that individual will be responsible for seeing to the disposition of his estate. If no executor is named in the will, then the court will appoint someone for this responsibility.

In addition to the will, you should locate the decedent’s files for a trust and any documents for his life, home, and auto insurance policies. Also, attempt to find any keys to safe deposit boxes and documents for the deceased’s bank, loan, mortgage, and credit card accounts. Finally, try to locate the deceased’s passwords for his computer and accounts, as well as contact information for his doctor and professional advisors.

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