When Should You Send Funeral Thank-You Cards?

After a death has occurred, the process of making funeral arrangements can drain one’s energy. You may simply need to rest for a few days after the Catholic funeral service. When you’re ready, it’s customary to write sympathy acknowledgement cards to relatives and friends who have offered their support. Bereaved individuals usually try to send these out within two to three weeks of the funeral service, although the recipients will understand a little tardiness.

There’s no need to send sympathy acknowledgement cards to every mourner who attended the memorial service, although it would be thoughtful to have your list of recipients include people who sent flowers, made charitable donations, or sent a personal condolence letter. Pallbearers, the organist, and Scripture readers should receive a personal note of thanks. Before and after a burial service, you may have received practical assistance from loved ones. Send a sympathy acknowledgement card to all those who helped with the reception.

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