Simple Ways to Support a Grieving Friend

Losing a loved one is a painful experience, and the grieving process can last well after the deceased’s Catholic funeral or memorial service. Do you have a friend who is making funeral arrangements in San Jose and planning a burial service for someone she has lost? If so, then you probably find yourself wanting to assist this person through this difficult time. There are many simple ways through which you can support someone who is grieving.

Does your friend have children? If so, then offer to babysit them or drive them home from their after-school activities to give your friend a much-needed break. If your friend has a dog, then taking her pet on walks is another practical way to offer your support. Preparing meals and helping with everyday tasks around the house can also be more beneficial than you realize for a person who is grieving. Finally, you can offer your friend emotional support by being willing to sit and listen when she needs someone to talk to.

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