To Whom Should You Send Sympathy Thank You Cards?

After the funeral service in San Jose for a loved one, it is traditional to send sympathy thank you cards to acknowledge the kindness friends and family showed to you. Writing these notes after the funeral when you are grieving may provide a sense of comfort to you, or it may feel overwhelming. If you feel like the job of writing the cards is too much, a family member or friend may write them on your behalf. Thank you cards are usually sent within two or three weeks of the funeral service.

You do not need to send a thank you card to everyone who attended the funeral. Instead, send cards to people who bought flowers or made a memorial donation in honor of your loved one, people who helped you with planning the funeral service or with things like babysitting or cooking while you planned, and anyone who made a special gesture, such as giving you a photo of your loved one. People who took part in the funeral, such as pallbearers, musicians, and the clergy, should also receive thank you cards.

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