What Does the Vatican Say About Cremation?

A Catholic funeral in San Jose should be done according to Catholic values, but what does that mean when it comes to cremation? A person who has passed away still deserves respect, and his or her body does as well; this is why a traditional burial is the preferred way to handle a deceased person’s body. Cremation is not completely off the table under Catholic values, but it is not necessarily the most agreeable choice. If you’re thinking about your end of life options, continue reading to find out what the Vatican has to say about cremation.

The Catholic church sees the human body as an integral part of the life experience and a sacred vessel that should be respected and cared for, even after the person has passed away. This is why the steps to take after a loved one becomes deceased typically include a traditional Catholic burial and funeral service. This is not to say that cremation is completely out of the question, however, and there are some conditions that make this practice acceptable. If you do choose cremation for your departed friend or family member, make sure you keep the ashes together rather than spreading them out.

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