The Remarkable History of Calvary Cemetery

When it comes to Catholic funerals in San Jose, you’ll want to make sure that you choose a cemetery that you can trust. Calvary Catholic Cemetery has been specializing in Catholic burials and memorial services for generations, so we know what it takes to keep your family as comfortable as possible after losing a loved one. Our doors have been open for well over a century, and we have given countless families the perfect funeral services for their needs. Please continue on if you would like to delve into the remarkable history of Calvary Cemetery.

The Calvary Cemetery has been offering meaningful and fulfilling cemetery services since our first burial, which took place in 1882. The families of many recognizable names have chosen Calvary Cemetery for their funeral services; individuals from Alviso and Bernal families as well as Mirassou and Tully clans are included among these groups. Calvary has also seen many veterans of the United States arms, including 16 veterans who were part of the Civil War. Our team aims to continue building upon the already remarkable history that we have established at Calvary Cemetery, and we plan to be open for another few decades at the very least.

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