Is It Acceptable for a Non-Catholic to Proclaim the General Intercessions?

When planning Catholic funeral services, it’s common for family members to want non-Catholic friends and relatives to take part in services during the funeral mass, but is it ever acceptable for non-Catholics to proclaim the General Intercessions? For Catholic funeral services in San Jose, the ultimate decision resides with the bishop of the diocese.

Rules for performing the ministry of reading during Mass are articulated in the Directory for the Application of Principles and Norms in Ecumenism, by the Pontifical Commission for Promoting Christian Unity. Under these guidelines, readings during normal Masses should offer readings, but the bishop of a diocese may grant permission for members of other churches to perform readings in special circumstances. Many parishes apply these rules for readings to the General Intercessions as well. During funeral planning, if you wish to have a non-Catholic proclaim the General Intercessions, permission must be requested from the diocese.


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