What Not to Wear to a Funeral

When it comes to showing respect for the deceased individual and his or her surviving family, wearing the right attire to the funeral service is essential. Are you planning to attend a Catholic burial or memorial service in San Jose? If so, then there are several things that you should avoid wearing for the occasion.

Women attending a funeral service should stay away from wearing festive, casual, or revealing clothing. If you will be attending a cemetery service, keep in mind that you will be outdoors and will need to walk over grassy areas. For these reasons, you should wear weather appropriate clothing and avoid wearing high heels, which may sink into the ground as you stand or walk.

When dressing for a funeral, men should not wear short-sleeved tops, jeans, athletic shoes, or ball caps. Instead, you can dress appropriately by choosing to wear a suit or button-down shirt and pants with a tie.

Often, surviving family will request certain colors be worn to celebrate the deceased’s favorite color, or keeping with a cultural tradition.

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